In part thanks to the Gartner-Group, which posed the idea of "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) in 1986, but also as a general rule, we realize that purchasing costs, of software products in particular, are not critical. It is generally accepted now, that the sum of all costs related to the usage of specific product has to be taken into account.

Therefore, when you evaluate software products financially, comparing only license fees is not enough. To calculate the total cost of ownership you have to include additional costs associated with the purchase, which are the costs of integrating the software into existing infrastructure, supplementary hardware, changing database system deployment, payroll costs, support costs and upgrades to keep the software up to date. In detail these upgrade costs include implementation, maintenance, training, data backup, extensions, connections to existing solutions, subsequent implementations and system failures.

Best-of-Breed concept

AlligatorSQL sets new standards for total cost of ownership underbidding any single database solutions available so far. The concept of cross development - the integration of multiple relational database systems into one graphical user interface with one purchase price - hereby supports this consequently.

The following list contains basic methods to reduce the total cost of ownership:

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

AlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition covers all special demands of database administrator and developer in just one tool for your whole enterprise and no matter what database management system you use.


Seamless integration into already existing infrastructure is guaranteed, owing to the variety of interfaces and the integrated scripting language Adaptor. You can dispense with buying additional administration or development tools for your database management tools.


The reliability of the AlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition enhances your efficiency and reduces the need for support, therefore doubling your cost savings.


Special requirements are easy to integrate due to the flexibility of the AlligatorSQL. Additionally, our consulting with know how specialized primarily in heterogeneous database systems, promises easy and fast customizing also affecting total cost of ownership comparisons.

Detailed overview

With the acquisition of new technology the control over your costs usually ends. However using the total cost of ownership method takes away the additional costs, arising later on. According to the Gartner-Group the additional TCO costs are unevenly higher than the acquisition costs and the enterprises are lead to unnecessarily high expenses.

Due to the above the following questions raise:

What is the price for
... installing and running the software?
... purchasing costs of the software?
... costs of administration and support??
... exchanging obsolete technologies?

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership means summing up the actual cost of purchase, usage, maintenance and exchange of IT components. This analysis has to occure periodically in order to discover changes in the cost structure of your IT infrastructure. This is the only valid method for enterprises to identify unnecessary expenditures and decide on what to do to eliminate or exchange them.

If you wish to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership please don't hesitate to contact our sales office either by filling out the contact form or by sending an email to sales@alligatorsql.de. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide help in determining your TCO.

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